Future-proof Luxury Real Estate Development Coming To The Bahamas

Star Resort Group Inc. announced plans to build Port St. George Resort, The Bahamas’ first ever eco-engineered luxury waterfront destination. The 882-acre mixed-used tourist development will span coast to coast on Long Island, often described as the most beautiful Bahamian island.

Port St. George harbor entrance COURTESY OF STUDIO HILLIER

Virtually untouched, Port St. George will serve as a tropical escape for adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs. The eco-friendly, socially-conscious resort will include a boutique, 5-Star hotel and spa, 515 luxury residences, modern amenities, a protected 100-acre harbor with a 640-berth marina (the largest in The Bahamas), and a landmark lighthouse (with bar and cafe).

Aerial rendering of Port St. George development COURTESY OF STUDIO HILLIER

Star Resort Group is partnering with firm Studio Hillier to develop the project’s residential and commercial architecture which will incorporate eco-engineering and future-proofing into every aspect of the site plan.

Port St. George will span 882 acres. COURTESY OF STUDIO HILLIER

The one-mile arc of waterfront will accommodate both residential and commercial buildings as a bustling village center for residents, resort guests and local Bahamians. This area will feature a yacht club, beach club, culinary school, restaurants and bars, and first-class sports facilities.

View of Dean's Blue hole. (Samo Vidic/Getty Images) GETTY

Residences will comprise 500 condominiums and townhouses as well as 15 luxury villas—all with water views. The intimate 5-Star hotel will be the resort’s cornerstone, offering guests a two-story luxury spa, dining options, private villas and branded residences along the crystal blue waters of Exuma Sound.

Flowers, palm trees and beach view from a random villa on Long Island, The Bahamas. (EyesWideOpen/Getty Images) GETTY

Port St. George’s sports facilities will include an 18-hole golf course, six tennis courts (three grass and three clay), a swimming complex (with Olympic-size and wading pools), soccer field, cricket pitch and running track for the local community.

Fisherman on Long Island, Bahamas. (Photo by Emmanuel Valentin/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) GETTY

An organic hydroponics farm will provide fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the need for imported products. Food waste will be distributed directly from residential and commercial structures to a composting center which will reduce waste and create a product for soil enrichment. Rainwater will be collected in cisterns and a solar-powered, reverse-osmosis desalinization plant will convert seawater into fresh, drinkable water for the development.

Coconut trees along the coast on Long Island, Bahamas. (DeAgostini/Getty Images) GETTY

The idyllic, self-sustaining property will cover more than two miles from the Atlantic Ocean (2,000 feet of frontage) to Exuma Sound (4,200 feet of untouched shoreline) while operating entirely off-grid through extensive use of solar tiles and storage batteries. Motor cars will be discouraged as each residence comes equipped with a road-certified electric golf cart.

Local Bahamian (Emmanuel Valentin/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) GETTY

Ironically, the project is expected to fuel-inject the local economy, igniting investment and providing jobs the local community. “Port St. George will serve as a vibrant oasis from which to explore the untouched wonders of Long Island,” says Duane Gerenser, Star Resort Group Inc. president. “The sustainable development will create an environment that is inclusive of the Bahamian people and local culture, an uncommon effort among many secluded luxury resorts. The eco-engineered project will bring employment opportunities, provide athletic facilities and instruction to local schools, and offer a platform for artists, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to thrive.”

Snorkelers on Long Island, Bahamas. (Emmanuel Valentin/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) GETTY

Port St. George will be accessible by both commercial and private aircraft via Stella Maris International Airport, which has port of entry status and is five minutes from the development.

Article source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/keithflamer/2018/12/28/a-sustainable-eco-resort-is-coming-to-the-bahamas/

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