HostGator pros and cons: Why You should Use HostGator web hosting services in 2018?

Build and Host Unlimited Amounts of Websites by Simply Owning Your Own Hosting Plan with HostGator:

The modern world is a digital one. In this digital era, the internet is your vehicle to a vast array of opportunities. Yet, if you want to take advantage of these opportunities and have your own website, you need a good service. The best part is you can build and host unlimited amounts of websites by simply owning your own hosting plan.That's where web hosting services come into the equation. You want a hosting service that supplies you with a solid platform that doesn't fail. Houston based HostGator is one such option there to answer your call. Is it worth investing in and will it meet your needs? Let’s delve into the pros and cons to help you decide.

What Is HostGator web hosting services?

Every time you click on a link or type in a website a world of digital processes occurs. Your device sends a request to a domain name system server which carries a huge index of websites. Each website name has a numerical address and other identifiers attached to it. Without these key variables, you'd remain stuck on the home page. Each domain name is unique. To ensure a group of people don't all have the same name, they need to be registered and hosted. HostGator handles that for you.

Benefits of HostGator web hosting services:

HostGator -pros and cons

Compared to other web hosting services, HostGator brings much to the table. They have years of experience, having been in operation since 2002. HostGator also maintains millions of domains at present which is no small feat. They're also partnered with WordPress, a name that should ring a bell. As WordPress likes to boast, they help power more than 26% of the internet. With websites springing up to and fro every day, this is no small number.

Every domain requires storage, processing power, and a 24/7 server to keep it working. According to, HostGator maintains an amazing 99.99% uptime record. No matter the situation, they're equipped to ensure your domain is always accessible. This can mean the difference between your business succeeding or not so take note. Additionally, their latency rates aren't poor. They can give you speeds of 521ms load times. This means delays or speed slowdowns to access a domain won't plague you. The likelihood of a user becoming frustrated waiting for a page to load is thus lower.

How do they match up in the area of cost then? HostGator can supply you with a website for as low as USD 2.99 per month with all the above benefits. For comparison, other web hosting services offer rates ranging from USD 5.99 to as high as USD 8.99 per month. Sometimes these alternatives don't even provide the same amount of features. Keep this in mind when considering the bang for your buck. With such a well-rounded business model we weren't surprised to see a diverse array of domains on offer. HostGator offers domains ranging from the common '.com.' to '.biz', '.net', '.tech' And various others. As such, they can cater to a wide variety of different needs depending on what type of site you're looking to run.

HostGator Web Hosting Features Breakdown:

- Up to date, modern security systems. With so many breaches and hacks, these days don't overlook this.

- Fast, sophisticated Cloud-based infrastructure.

- A wide variety of domain options.

- Affordable yet feature rich packages from as low as USD 2.99 per month.

- Web hosting access to unlimited domains, easy install services, and advanced security. This comes for as little as USD 5.95 per month.

- Affordable cloud hosting. You can get 4GB of RAM and 4 cores of CPU power at USD 7.95 per month. More raw hardware power = more capabilities.

- HostGator backs up your data daily for you.

- Offers WordPress hosting with 50GB of storage from USD 5.95 per month.

- Simple, easy to use interfaces. You don't need advanced technical knowledge to customize your site layout and features.

- Platforms for advanced web developers with the coding knowledge to customize their creations.

HostGator Customer Satisfaction and Concerns:


HostGator isn't a top provider by coincidence. They've received Editor's Choice awards from publications such as PC Mag. They're also recommended by bloggers and small business owners for affordability and simplicity. This positive feedback continues to influence their affordable yet feature-rich model. The simplicity of being able to set up your own website with little effort has been a source of praise. This convenience and accessibility mean their web hosting services serve a plethora purposes. As a criticism, some customers have claimed to experience minor difficulty with support. This usually occurred with complex issues or specific features different to each package.

HostGator Web Hosting Common Questions Asked:

Will my website be secure?

- HostGator uses SSL certificates, automatic malware removal, and 24/7 security monitoring.

Do I need to know advanced HTML, CSS or Javascript to make a website?- You don't need to be a web programmer to use their services. They provide templates and platforms for you to design a hosted website.

Are there page limits to my website?

- No, your website can contain an unlimited amount of pages.

HostGator Web Hosting Conclusion:

hostgator web hosting services

HostGator provides affordable, easy and accessible web hosting services for various needs. Whether you're inexperienced or are a skilled web programmer, they can help. Their packages are fair, and they maintain quality service.

I have been an extremely happy customer of hostgator since 2011. That’s almost a decade of working closely with them as a paying customer. After purchasing my own hosting account with hostgator, I have owned over 50 website that I have hosted all on my own and have learned to create websites for free by connecting wordpress to my self-hosted websites. My site are always running smoothly, and I am in total control.

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Every Lifestyle Entrepreneur Should Use HostGator web hosting services in 2018

I have actually been an incredibly delighted customer of hostgator since 2011. That's nearly a years of working closely with them as a paying consumer. HostGator is extremely easy to use for novices for sure. They have unlimited tutorials, Frequently Asked Question pages, and documents to assist you at every turn, with comprehensive descriptions and easy detailed walkthroughs.HostGator easily provides 24/7/365 assistance through the phone, live chat, and e-mail.

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