Podio Review: How does Podio help to manage your projects, teams, and anything else in your business?

Podio is a collaborative work platform for Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneurs:

Podio is a cloud-based collaboration that gives a web-based platform. Podio enables controlling team business processes and team communication in the workspaces. Users can also choose business apps from the app store or develop one depending on project needs. Podio is owned by Cisco, a major tech giant. Cisco has also recently acquired Globiflow, which is an add on the makes podio run even more advanced to save you more time. The price increased after that acquisition, but it’s still a great program to use even on the free plan.

Introduction of Podio Collaboration Software:

Looking out how to make people in business communicate and get work done is no small feat. Many organizations use chat apps, email, and a project management tool. But why use all those different pieces when an online platform can do it? Podio is the best collaboration tool that has passed the test. Podio is flexible, with app marketplace that is full of modules that can help a business in all ways. That is from sales to human resources and to project control. You can add apps for any business want, or build your own. Podio is very flexible and customizable as it scales effortlessly. So,you can build applications and workspaces from scratch for just about any type of business and any industry.  In this Podio review, you will learn more.

Pricing Plans for Getting started on Podio:

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Podio charges an average of $24 per month for its main basic tiers of the service. This price is for monthly plans. But, if you subscribe an annual plan, you can get a discount. Podio gives a free account, but this account does not have user management features. There is also an Enterprise plan, which has good pricing.

As a point of comparison, Igloo$12.00  is much like Podio. It gives two choices: an intranet for $12 per month and an extranet, which has different prices. The difference between the extranet and intranet accounts Is in who uses them and at what frequency. The intranet choice is an internal platform used only by employees who are in the company. The extranet choice supports the same workflows It's designed for individuals outside the organization. At normal price, extranet package costs an average of $3  per month as you have realized. Igloo is better applicable to big businesses than small and middle-sized. Another work management platform developed for enterprises than small businesses is Workfront$30.00. At this platform, the cost is about $30 per month. The real price can change depending on how many users are in various role types.

Benefits of Podio Workflow Collaboration Software:


When it comes to getting your task done, you can assign tasks and responsibilities to other users. And also add deadlines for the work. Another advantage is you can handle other needs that are typical.

You, will, of course, find a calendar and a feed of the recent updates and all activities about your work teams and add an adjustable homepage for every workspace on which you can add or remove and even resize various widgets that provide information about each team. Apart from basics, there is an excellent support for web forms. Thus, you can collect information from clients or individuals. New contact control tools also help correct information about individuals across workspaces.

Podio Collaboration Software Features:

The best way to define Podio is to say it's something like a social media platform in which various people have their accounts that are specific to them. Hence there are workspaces, which are flexible for different teams. Every workspace can have a collection of apps added to it that help the team members to collaborate and do work.

All the tools you would expect to get in a social network, e.g., a direct messaging and chat app, are at your hands. Also, you can look at any customer profile to have more information about the user, such as contact. Podio apps are a big piece of what makes the service much better than most of other workplace control tools.

Podio apps are easy to have. They get housed in an Apps Marketplace place and arranged by the type of business at hand Such as Business improvement, Sales, CRM Communication, and also Software improvement. When you pick any of these business wants, Podio shows you suitable packs of apps for you to install. For example; for Events Management the first suggested app array contains apps called Participants, Suppliers, and Guest List. Another highlighted app pack is more accurate for Conference control.

Apps are flexible and indeed simple to adjust. After you tap to install an app, Podio provides you with WYSIWYG items for adding and removing components in the app. Podio is as simple to utilize as Squarespace.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Podio Collaboration Software:

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The main advantage is that Podio is flexible and customizable. Excellent apps marketplace Scales effortlessly for a growing business, and it is User-friendly. The only limitation is Podio Lacks time-tracking item, and there are no picture markup elements. But this is a simple issue.

Podio Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are all apps found on Podio?

If you can't access an app that you want, you can develop your own using tools that Podio provides. Podio gives you fields and templates that you can drag and put them in place to develop an app. Developers can also click into the Podio API to set all the required integration.

  1. Can one communicate through Podio?

The group is always active, when you ask a question, another person often answers it. The group contributes much to the user-friendliness of the Podio.

Podio Review Conclusion:

Podio is a customizable and highly flexible online hub for job and communication as you have discovered in this Podio review because of it's user-friendly and its simplicity to developing businesses.


7 Total Score
Every Lifestyle Entrepreneur Should Use Podio to Make Their Digital Life more Easier

The level of customization is remarkable and makes Podio an extremely flexible tool. The group at Podio likewise releases updates relatively very often, which is great to see. It's apparent that the Podio group has actually put a lot of work into exactly what they have released thus far.

Ease of Use
Value of Features
Actual Results
  • -It is easy to use and absolutely versatile.
  • - It is Customisable and has Capability to relate to the 3rd party tools.
  • Messy/cluttered interface/UX. Periodically buggy. Challenging to comprehend for brand-new users.
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