Deal Evaluator Pro Course

This action packed video course takes the GUESS WORK out of your numbers, and helps you understand the BEST OFFER to give to sellers with CONFIDENCE & ACCURACY. You’ll get to WATCH OVER OUR SHOULDERS as we evaluate REAL DEALS, providing you with clear examples and descriptions of different investment strategies and closing solutions. HERE’S WHAT ELSE YOU’LL GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO:

  • The Step by Step “Max Offer Assistant App” Video Walkthrough
  • How to Find Property Comparables On MLS
  • How to Find Property Comparables Without MLS
  • Watch Real LIVE Deal Evaluations
  • How to Estimate Property Repairs in Minutes (Repair Estimate Sheet included)
  • How to Evaluate Any Deal Better than the Competition
  • Learn the Best Strategies for Each Deal
  • Make Solid Offers to Sellers with Confidence
  • Know the Best Price to Buy & Sell for Max Profit
  • & so much more…

Nothing else even comes close to showing you the details of running accurate numbers on real estate deals like the Deal Evaluator Pro. The key to any major success starts with a strong foundation. And the Deal Evaluator Pro is the KEY to the most important part of your real estate investing foundation… …EVALUATING ACCURATE NUMBERS ON DEALS!

$67.00 $27.00

Save 60%

You are about to Overcome one of the BIGGEST HURDLES in the whole entire Real Estate Industry!

Knowing how to evaluate a property, and which methods to use in order to produce a win-win for both YOU and THE SELLER, is essential to the success of your real estate career...



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