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Top 10 AI and Robotics Trends Articles of 2018

...the editors at Robotics Business Review have reviewed our analytics to select the top 10 robotics trends articles for 2018 on our site. From AI explanations to robotic surgery, here’s what drew the most attention on our site:

10. How Robots Can Help Your Small Business

How Robotics Can Help Small and Midsize Businesses Thrive

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It became clear this year that robotics and automation is impacting not just large manufacturers, but small and midsize manufacturing as well. In this article from March, author Rachel Jackson offers four ways that robotics can help the small business owner.

Other stories focusing on small businesses and the CRO:

9. Pollination Drones Seen as Assistants for Ailing Bees

As the world continues to demand more food for its growing population, it has become clear that agriculture will need some assistance from the world of unmanned systems and robotics. In this story, author Peter van Der Schaft highlights several research projects where scientists are looking to create robotic bees to help combat the dwindling bee population, but also support growing demand for more food.

Other stories around agriculture, robotics and drones:

8. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Converge With Robotics

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Are the Training Tools of the Future


While efforts in the consumer space around augmented reality and virtual reality have shown mixed results, it has become clear that AR and VR is gaining ground for commercial and industrial use cases. In this article from March, author Abishur Prakash highlights several areas where AR is being used in conjunction with robotics in manufacturing, the military, and healthcare.

Other stories around AR and VR:

7. How Autonomous Mobile Robots Are Changing the Logistics Landscape

One of the biggest trends in 2018 was the growing number of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) being deployed in distribution centers and e-commerce warehouses around the world. In this article from June 2018, author Andrew Williams highlights early efforts to integrate these robotic systems into the warehousing environments with three separate case studies.

Other related stories in the supply chain, logistics robotics market:

6. Infographic: An Introduction to the Internet of Things

After years of being used as a buzzword, the Internet of Things, aka IoT, finally saw some movement in 2018. More “things” are being connected to the Internet, providing businesses with loads of data. This includes the world of manufacturing and robotics, which saw many new companies with offerings to help companies make sense of all this new sensor data. In this article/infographic, author Marc Alringer provides a primer on the basics of IoT to get you started on the IoT journey.

Other IoT-related stories of interest:

5. Top 10 Reasons Why Robotics Startups Fail

Cobot pioneer Rethink Robotics shuts down

Sawyer and Baxter were cobots from Rethink Robotics.

They say the biggest way to be successful is learning from failures. Unfortunately in this industry, 2018 saw a lot of robotics failures. In this article from March 2018, author Adam Shayevitz highlights several reasons why robotics startups end up failing.

Other failure-related articles from 2018:

4. How AI-Assisted Surgery Is Improving Surgical Outcomes

As robotics moves away from manufacturing and the supply chain, health care is an area that most experts say will be impacted in the next few years. In this article, author Phil Britt discusses ways that AI is impacting not only robotic surgery, but general surgical procedures.

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3. 2018 RBR50 List Names the Leading Robotics Companies of the Year

The best way to get a sense of the robotics market is to see which companies are leading each market. In this year’s RBR50, we decided to break up our report of the biggest 50 companies by market – manufacturing, supply chain, AI, unmanned systems (vehicles and drones), and robotics components maker.

Other RBR analysis articles from the year:

2. How Manufacturing Automation is Evolving

Factory automotive robots Halloween Treats article

Bright Machines aims to provide software for manufacturing factories. Source: International Federation of Robotics

While the robotics market continues to explore new markets (agriculture, health care, construction, etc.), it’s clear that manufacturing automation remains king in this space. In this article, author Nathan Sykes looks at ways that cobots and other robotics trends are affecting the manufacturing space:

Other related articles in the manufacturing sector:

1. What is Artificial Intelligence? Understanding 3 Basic AI Concepts

AI and its concepts continue to attract interest in the robotics space – whether it’s adding intelligence to “dumb” robots, or using AI and machining learning to help drive autonomy in mobile robots and self-driving cars. AI will continue to converge with robotics in new and exciting ways, but before you jump into those articles, take a look at the most popular article this year – an AI primer by author Paul Sciglar that outlines the three basic AI concepts.

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