Secrets of the millionaire mind review: Why You Should Have a Millionaire Mindset in 2018?

Anyone can Become Rich Just by Practicing the Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset:

Ways Rich People Think and Act Differently from the Poor and Middle-Class. Everyone wants to be a millionaire but most of us don’t know the tricks to become one. Millionaires are considered successful in life and most of the time; they will invest their wealth in some fruitful businesses and become richer. In general, millionaires practise healthy habits and think differently and by practising them, anyone can become rich. But common people don’t know much about their habits and the author Harv Eker came to their rescue.

Introduction of Millionaire mindset and thought process:

Millionaire’s mindset and thought process is different from common people, and Harv Eker had spent a considerable amount of time on researching those healthy habits. Most of us think that luck plays an important role in becoming rich but in reality, intelligence and skills are more important. The qualities that will help a common man to become a millionaire can be inculcated and practiced. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind written by the well-known author, Harv Eker provided detailed analysis on the habits of millionaires.

Millionaire mindset could make anyone rich:

millionaire- mindset

The author covered all the topics starting from education to investment strategies in this book. But he stressed more on the financial planning which is more important for wealthy returns in future. Several people who knew in and out of business struggle to meet their financial needs. Just because of poor financial planning, they will struggle throughout their life to meet their ends. On the other hand, millionaires spend lavishly, but their wealth keeps on increasing.

Harv Eker covered all these points in his book, and he also proved with examples that right approach could make anyone rich. The best thing about this book is he didn’t offer suggestions to invest your savings. In fact, he provides detailed analysis on the mindsets and thought the process of rich, middle class and poor people. He also argued that the incidents happened during childhood will remain in one’s subconscious mind for a very long time and they indirectly influence financial planning and status.

Why Is The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Really Special?

  • The seventeen chapters are popularly known as “Wealth files” will help in changing your thought process and after reading them, you can look at things differently.
  • These chapters not only describe the thought process of millionaires but also give practical and real-life suggestions to readers to habituate them.
  • “Money Blueprint” concept can be easily understood by anyone. Even if you don’t have any financial education background, you can easily understand all the concepts written in this book.
  • The author’s strategy is very simple. Practise the thought process of rich to become rich.
  • Some of the Harv Eker’s seminars are also included in this book.
  • This book was translated into some regional languages also and got a good response.
  • This book was recommended by authors, financial experts and business magnets.

 Most of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reviews are positive:

Secrets -millionaire- mindset-

This book is available on all the popular ecommerce websites and in each and every website; it got 4+ star rating. During Harv Eker’s seminars also, several readers shared their positive experiences. This is not a self-help or personality development book, but it makes your life better. It just differentiates the thought process of different people and finally gives you the option of which side you want to be.

This book is a golden guide for all those who think that are cable of earning more. All the methods described in this book are practically viable, and those who barely meet their daily needs can also follow the tips given in this book. Cause and effect relationship was explained with practical examples, and one just needs to blindly follow all these tips given in this book to become rich.

Pros And Cons of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Summary:


  • The first part of the book covers your financial mistakes and the second part is all about the tips to correct those mistakes.
  • You won’t find lot of numerical stats, complex business strategies, investment advices in this book.
  • This book is all about changing your mindset and thought process.
  • Inculcate millionaire mindset and act like a millionaire to become rich.
  • This book also helps in continuing your success streak in business.
  • The author provides practical and easy solutions to achieve your dreams.


  • This book was first published a decade ago.
  • Similar books are available at much cheaper prices.

Common Questions Asked about the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

  1. In which year this book was published?

This book was first published in the year 2005, and it has 224 pages.

  1. Will this book really help me in becoming rich?

This book will help in chasing your dreams in the right way. If you dream is to become a millionaire, you will become one.

  1. Is it a self-help book?

It is more of a financial guide. By following the tips given in this book, your life will become happier.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Review Conclusion:

secrets -of- the -millionaire- mind- review

Critics and entrepreneurs appreciated this book very much. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reviews on the popular e-commerce websites reveal how much influence the book had created on readers mind. Simple English, generalized examples and humorous writing style resulted in spreading positive mouth talk. Those who didn’t have any finance related educational background also embraced this book wholeheartedly. Authors command on human psychology, thought the process and financial wisdom would surely create positive impressions in your mind after reading the book.

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Every Lifestyle Entrepreneur Should read the Secrets of the millionaire mindset Book

The basic facility of the book is that you're not rich since you do not believe like "Rich Individuals" (which he never ever defines) do. So, in the book Harv Eker attempts to teach you how rich individuals believe.

Ease of Use
Value of Features
Actual Results
  • -The very first part of the book covers your monetary errors and the 2nd part is everything about the ideas to remedy those errors.
  • -This book likewise assists in continuing your success streak in business.
  • -This book was very first released a decade back.
  • - Similar books are offered at more affordable costs.
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