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"Everything you need to start an online store and sell online"

Shopify is a Canada based e commerce company. Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell products, with or without holding the inventory. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse. This company is very good if you are looking to start an online business. Many users prefer this over other e-commerce giants due to it's attractive packages and services.

Ease of use is a big concern for E commerce companies. Shopify has excellent self-web-hosting and for the user, there is no need of coding knowledge. Without it, you can set up the perfect website! Shopify has very user-friendly website builder, even a novice can handle it. Shopify has kept it simple, they will help the user to concentrate on the business. Apart from the simple system, the site offers features:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • email support
  • easily add shopping cart option to your site
  •  FAQ page
  • Shopify has a simple and excellent manual
  • Apps for everything
  • templates to build website
  • Database management System
  • Easy capture and relay of information
  • You can even select, the way for listing your inventory
  • Information about sales
  • Discounts for customers, influencers
  • Collections
  • Very easy billing and payment option
  • and much more...

**You can set up your business in  a few minutes.**

Benefits of Shopify

  • Very good web hosting

This online business idea is very easy with this system, no need not to edit the site continuously. There is no need for coding. The company has self-web hosting so that the user can concentrate solely on their business. The company takes care of software maintenance and the gateway payment.

  • High-class customer service

You can contact the customer care 24*7 via phone, email or live chat. They will happy to assist you with any problem. I have come to find out that many other E-commerce companies lack a good customer service.

  • Security at its best

Shopify has employed a high level of security. Here your site is free of all hacking and foreign interventions. There will be no data breaches in Shopify. The login system is very safe as well. You will need to upload a security app to protect your individual store from "internet scammers" and "chargebacks". Some of the apps are free or low cost.

  • It has all the essential marketing tools

Shopify is designed to give high-class marketing support. The main focus is to assist the customers in reaching more people in less amount of time. The SEO (search engine optimization) also helps in increasing the search results. So the people will get access to the products quickly through various search engines.

  • Excellent visuals and customization

It is very easy to choose the style and theme. By choosing this, you can easily increase the appearance of your products.

  • Cost effective

The company offers different packages. Depending on your need you can select the packages. The basic level to professional level, starts at ONLY $29/month to $299/month.

9.8 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value of Features
Actual Results
  • variety of templates for your site
  • easy to use
  • multiple payment options
  • blogs attached to your site
  • create and set up a "ready-to-go" online business/site
  • FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Great for automation
  • get payment from customer 1-2 business days after transaction depending on which payment gateway you choose
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