Think and Grow Rich Review: How to think and grow rich in 2018 by Reading Napoleon hill Books?

Napoleon hill’s Think and Grow Rich Review for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs:

Everyone wants to be happy, successful and rich in life. Though these three words have different meanings, most of us think that wealth will help in achieving all these targets. Nobody denies the fact that individual’s personality and habits play an important role becoming rich. Most of us feel that personality and habits can’t be changed suddenly but after reading the book, Think and Grow Rich you will change you your opinion for sure. This book is what exposed me on how to truly become a self-made entrepreneur. Immediately after reading this book in 2009, I create my very first company. I did each and every exercise Napoleon Hill suggested inside the book, and those plans I created then are still coming into fruition till this very day.

Think and Grow Rich Audio Book Summary

Introduction of napoleon hill’s think and grow rich:

The book needs to be extremely popular and useful to be translated into other regional languages. Think and Grow Rich was translated into several languages, and it got a good response in each and every language. Since the book is the first personal development book that started the whole personal development industry! Though it was written almost 100 years ago, it is still super relevant to today's time and beyond. Truth never dies or passes away. By the way, the situation after the great depression and the recent recession may not be the same, but the advices given in this book were helpful in both these cases. All the Napoleon Hill books were received well by the audience but this book is the best.

 Develop Your Personality by Reading Think and Grow Rich Book:

Even today, this book is considered as one the best books available on personality development. The tips given in this book helped many in recovering from financial losses. Famous industrialists and business tycoons also admitted that they still follow the advices given in this book. Though it is categorized as a personality development book, Napoleon Hill included topics related to philosophy, human behavior and success stories also. Thirteen qualities and six step success formula mentioned in this book were rephrased and used by several authors in their how to become successful books.

Why Is the think and grow rich Book So special?

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From ages, the question that haunts everyone is how to think and grow rich. Nobody can perfectly answer it, but Napoleon Hill came up with a widely accepted answer. That’s why this book is special and unique.

  • Though it was first published way back in 1937, all the things mentioned in this book reflect the present situation of the society.
  • It is not so easy to stop bad habits and practice successful habits. But after reading this book, everyone will get the much-required confidence to instill positive and successful habits.
  • The original version of this book has only 104 pages, but each and every sentence written will surely create a positive impact on reader’s mind.
  • More than 100 million readers bought this book.
  • After reading this book, everyone will a get new hope to start life afresh.
  • This book change the way one looks at his life, and it is the best self-help book for all those who are feeling low.
  • Napoleon Hill will surely surprise you with his opinions on love and romance, and his thoughts on women empowerment still holds true even today.
  • This book is one stop solution for all your personal and business problems.

 Napoleon hill’s Think and Grow Rich Received Well by Audience across the World:

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It is one of the few books that received well by audience across the world. Critics, readers, authors, business magnets and budding entrepreneurs agreed that this is the perfect guide to become successful in life. Several authors and business magnets had given the top position to this book in their all-time favorites list.

Most of the readers recommend Napoleon Hill’s books to their friends, relatives, and well-wishers. Also, several readers presented this book as a birthday gift to their children. Most of the modern courses on business administration are based on the concepts written in this book. This book also offers valuable insights on the thought process of successful business people.

Pros And Cons of think and grow rich book:


  • After reading it, you will surely feel that you are changed and became better.
  • Even after 100 years after publication, most of the things described in this book will remain true.
  • This book offers practical solutions to all your business and financial problems.
  • Everybody will like this book irrespective of gender, race and age group.
  • This book helps in effectively using the power of your subconscious mind to reach your goals.
  • All the steps recommend in this book are easy to follow, but they are so effective.
  •  It is really cheap (<3$) compared to several other self-help books available in the market.


  • Several editions in the same name are available in the market. So, buyers need to do some research to get the original 1937 version.
  • Similar books with much more detailed expiation are available.

Think and Grow Rich Book Common Questions Asked:

  1. Is the original 1937 unabridged version still available?

Yes. Even the Napoleon Hill Foundation recommends it as the original version.

  1. Is it a self-help book?

This book can be broadly categorized in personality development section. But it also offers valuable suggestions to budding entrepreneurs, business people and those who are feeling low.

  1. Will this book really help me in becoming rich?

Several readers benefited personally and became rich by following the advice given in this book. If you inculcate all the changes mentioned in this book, you will become a better person for sure.

Napoleon hill’s think and grow rich Book Conclusion:

how -to -think- and -grow -rich

This book is one stop solution to the question, how to think and grow rich. Everyone should read this book at least once in their lifetime. This book is an excellent motivation material and surely changes your personality as a whole. After completing the final chapter which is the summary of all, you will fell in love with the author. His command on different topics will surely surprise you and after reading this book, recommend it to others.

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You should Read Napoleon hill’s Think and Grow Rich Book As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur in 2018

This book is exactly what exposed me on how to really end up being a self-made business owner. Immediately after reading this book in 2009, I launch my first business, and I did each and every exercise Napoleon Hill recommended inside the book, and those strategies I developed then are still coming into fulfillment till this very day.

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  • -It is truly inexpensive compared with numerous other self-help books available in the market.
  • - A number of editions in the same name are available in the market. So, Purchasers require to do some research to get the initial 1937 version.
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