Webinarjam Review: Is It Really Worth for Your Business Growth in 2018?

WebinarJam is One of the Best Webinar Software on the Web Today:

Before the widespread adoption of the internet, attending any seminar could be troublesome. Individuals might have to travel great distances simply to sit and attend a single one. Times have changed, and now the entire process could occur online. Not unlike a giant digital conference. Some may be private while other events are live-streamed across various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Do you need such software to digitally host your own webinars? WebinarJam might for you. Is it one of the best webinar software options around? Our review is here to help you determine that.

Introduction of WebinarJam software:

WebinarJam has been around for some time and has seen a healthy adoption rate. Its user base is strong, numbering in the thousands and it caters to professional needs. Where classic software such as Skype has limitations and lag, WebinarJam surpasses it. It aims to be sleek, efficient and reliable when you need it. Key emphasis gets placed on being able to use it on the go. Despite focusing on the professional, it aims to please simpler needs as well. Thus, it sees a use for educational purposes, hobbies and small business ventures. Versatility is what makes or breaks a software like this compared to alternatives. WebinarJam has this without question.

Benefits of WebinarJam software:

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For as little as $39.99USD per month, you can get access to WebinarJam's services. This includes being able to host up to 6 different co-presenters at a time. All without problems of lag, latency and call dropping. Additionally, WebinarJam comes built in with a suite of apps and software. These include being able to host live comments on the stream as well as comment moderation. It also includes seamless integration with other services.

In a matter of seconds, you can be up and running a public stream. All broadcasted to YouTube, Facebook and other options at the same time. WebinarJam's servers handle all the processing busywork of such a complex communications operation. Here's where WebinarJam shines as a multipurpose tool. It can also find use as a marketing platform as well! While your stream is running you can have detailed, attractive displays. These graphics can illustrate and offer your product or service. Without even exiting the stream a potential customer can browse and subscribe seamlessly. This makes it ideal for salespersons who pitch their products via digital conferencing. You also save hundreds of dollars in advertising and dedicated marketing this way.

WebinarJam Software Features:


- Tools that lets you cater for different webinars. This includes coaching, education, conferences, presentations or large public webinars.

- Effortless and easy to use. Can be productive for the professional or new user.

- Seamless integration with other applications. Your stream can go public across social media in seconds.

-Separate options to allow customer feedback and subscriptions. Your customers can provide you with reviews or join your mailing list. This includes live polls and surveys.

- Doubles as a powerful marketing tool. You can make separate landing pages which appear next to your stream. While watching your audience can opt in or buy your product with ease. This also allows you to make pay per view tutorials if you teach a course for example.

- Built-in exhaustive analytics. This can help you trace the source of your views and other demographic information. It also tells you which platforms, email or other sources they come from. This lets you adapt and modify your approach to suit the target market.

- Has Q&A features. This also allows an interactive presentation where the audience can engage at your discretion. Useful to build audience confidence in your presentation and engagement.

- Created to be used on the go. You don't need to be on a desktop with a wired connection.

- Your audience is not limited. This allows you to host a growing viewer base and multiple participants.

- Can switch between face view and other applications. This allows you to display PDF's, PowerPoints and other graphics. No complex configuring required.

- Automatic saving and storing of your presentations.

- Whiteboard features. You can draw and illustrate as you present using a digital marker.

WebinarJam always Makes Its Customer Happy But Sometimes You Need some Learning since WebinarJam has So Much Option:

WebinarJam is regarded as one of the best webinar software suites on the market. Many customers praise its monumental array of options. It wins points for simplicity in being able to customize your service. Many users praise being able to engage with your audience. This makes it go to for salespeople, tech presenters, and educators. As a downside, some users felt overwhelmed by so much choice. It, therefore, requires some learning on your behalf.

WebinarJam Common Questions Asked:

Is WebinarJam secure?

- Yes, it is. They use modern security methods to ensure the safety of you and your viewers. The integrated marketing features also carry sophisticated security when handling payments. Everything runs with SSL certificates and encryption to ensure no hacker gets to you.

Is WebinarJam reliable?

- Their uptime rates are high. You can draw as big an audience as you can without worrying about a crashed stream. Their site frequently directs you to examples so you can see firsthand.

WebinarJam software  Reviews Conclusion:

webinarjam review

WebinarJam is a well-rounded webinar utility. It's guaranteed to satisfy you as a user regardless of what your needs are. With a feature-rich suite of tools, you can't go wrong. The value for your money is also excellent.


10 Total Score
An Honest WebinarJam Review for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.

Comparable prices, and great features. I personally use this as my preferred webinar platform.

Ease of Use
Value of Features
Actual Results
  • - It's so simple and It's priced lower than others application and provides more functions at $39/month.
  • - Some individuals experience a 10 second hold-up from live to exactly what appears on the screens of participants. This is quite typical with many webinar platforms though and does not affect the experience from the point of view of the participant
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