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"If I had to build a business in 24hrs and could only use 1 tool...clickfunnels would be it in 2018."

There are many entrepreneurs and innovators out there with ideas but no way to execute them. Here's where marketing comes into play. A proper marketing model can mean the difference between success and failure. Online endeavors are no less dependent on marketing either. They also bring intimidating hurdles like webhosting and web development to the table.

Whether it’s business or a subscription to some service, you need an active audience. That's when you need tools like ClickFunnels to assist you. Our ClickFunnels review aims to help you decide if it’s right for you or not.

ClickFunnels is what's known as a marketing funnel tool. When you subscribe to or buy something from a website, there's usually a well-designed interface to do so. Each new page is informative, pitches the product to you and tries to draw you in. First, it might pique your curiosity with an example. Then you might signup or subscribe by inputting your info.

If it’s a product, you'll get details about the package you selected and then get directed to payment. It all needs to be easy to understand yet aesthetically pleasing. It needs to keep the user's attention and 'funnel' them into consuming whatever is on display. Ergo, a 'marketing funnel.'

Clickfunnel Benefits:

ClickFunnels saves you the need for graphic designers, web developers, and programmers. That's a huge amount of money saved. For a monthly subscription fee, you'll get access to their cloud-based service. Much like a marketing funnel itself, the site emphasizes ease of use and simplicity. From its interface, you can select different types of funnels for different types of uses. Here's where ClickFunnels becomes quite useful for almost any type of pursuit.

Do you want to draw more people into your blog's mailing list or readership? There's a funnel for that. Do you want to sell a product or software? There are funnels for that too. Are you hosting a webinar or want an easy, secure means so people can become members on your site? They do that for you too. The possibilities are endless, and the tools at your disposal are exhaustive. You don't need any knowledge in programming. You can customize the specifics of a marketing funnel to every little detail.


One clickfunnel's customer has been around for little over 3 years, but they already have almost 50,000 subscribers. Their service has helped generate more than USD 160 million in sales. These are no small figures. According to a Forbes review, one entrepreneur received 25,000 subscribers in a month. All via ClickFunnels. It took them less than 15 minutes to create each landing page.

Using a simple $97USD per month subscription they had their funnel out in no time. Of interest is that this man had zero experience with this beforehand. Yet, using the site's embedded tutorials, he learned about each funnel. This allowed him to cater a well-designed page to hook subscribers and set when and how to update them.

Clickfunnel Features:

- No need for extra web hosting or domain costs. ClickFunnels serves as a full platform.

- Can easily be integrated into existing websites such as WordPress sites via a plugin.

- Cloud server elasticity means no amount of traffic will slow down or crash your website. ClickFunnels' infrastructure automatically devotes resources by demand.

- Guaranteed to convert traffic into sales and subscriptions through engaging design.

- Technical expertise is not a necessity. Anyone can use it. Designing a landing page can be as easy as using drag and drop designs.

- Built-in analytics lets, you see views, clicks, subscribers, comments and unsubscribes. This allows results based fine tuning to your needs.

- Feature-rich options for a variety of needs be it e-commerce, networking or otherwise.

- $99USD per month subscription gives you access to 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors, and 100 pages.

- $297USD per month package gives you access to unlimited visitors, funnels, and pages. Ideal for large business operations in need of many funnel types.

- Can unsubscribe at any time without strings attached.

- Frequent updates that are all free. This includes new templates, designs, and options.

Clickfunnels Customer Satisfaction and Concerns:

A negative ClickFunnels Review is a rare thing to come across. The site itself is rife with video testimonials from satisfied users. Apart from that, ClickFunnels is one of the top 50 sales software products around. It has positive reviews from many small business blogs and sites as well as individual users.

Compared to the competition, ClickFunnels' diversity wins out. Most other comparable services only focus on a single use such as sales or subscribers.

On the flip side, the number of available options can be intimidating. The basic package may also be a bit too limited with its visitor and funnel limits. It's only recommended for individual operations.

Clickfunnel Common Questions:

Is ClickFunnels secure?

  • Yes, they ensure their software possesses the latest security technology underpinning it. Your subscribers and customers’ information they provide are not held or shared by them.

Can I unsubscribe at any time and keep my work?

  • Yes, you can. You can use the service month to month. When you cancel, all your creations belong to you still. If you subscribe again, everything remains as is.


ClickFunnels Review Conclusion:

ClickFunnels is a new but widely successful marketing funnel tool that can give you an edge. It allows startups and entrepreneurs to compete, even with larger operations. Ease of use but no shortage of features means you get value for your money. If used well it can prove to be a marketing boom for any operation.

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